time falls silent as we await the profound

ewen sinclair is an innovative musician, composer, and educator from plymouth, uk.

expose your ears to the industrial sounds of the black the fall soundtrack.

ewen sinclair has been creating music for video games, tv shows, and other projects since 2014. 

ewen sinclair immerses himself in the narrative in order to create story enhancing soundtracks.

kick back and relax with a tropical flavoured track inspired by some strange exchanges with an unhinged taxi driver.

ewen sinclair uses a portable studio to create his music. he is enthused by digital possibilities, ambient soundscapes, and music that alludes to hazy, nostalgic experiences.

learn how to create a kick drum from sine waves in fl studio.

ewen sinclair has been a music teacher since 2007 and has taught in six different countries. he endeavours to inspire students by appealing to their unique curiosity. in 2024, ewen sinclair became a fellow of the chartered college of teaching.

playing with piano patches in native instruments straylight.